Playing for Shakespeare, a new interactive game for the classroom, will introduce Shakespeare’s world and works in a fun friendly way. Playing for Shakespeare tackles the challenges of introducing two Shakespeare plays at Key Stage 3  by using an appealing digital approach without compromising on educational content or historical accuracy.  Researched and developed by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust with input from over 100 trainee and established teachers across the UK, Playing for Shakespeare will help you with the background  and key skills needed for pupils to study Shakespeare at Key Stage 3.

Playing for Shakespeare follows the fortunes of a young boy player, Nicholas as he learns about the theatrical world he finds himself in and gets to grips with rehearsing and acting in Shakespeare’s greatest plays.  Playing for Shakespeare comprises four games which can be played either sequentially or separately focussing on the theatre audience, Renaissance rehearsal practice, Shakespeare’s verse and Shakespeare’s creative language.

The game is designed to be mediated by the teacher and to be flexible, supporting learning at multiple points depending on how it’s integrated into the classroom experience.   It could form a useful introduction to specific areas but could equally well suit review and revision sessions.

In the resources section you will find free resources to support each of the four games.  Including

  • How to play guides and suggestions.
  • Historical Background (Playing for Shakespeare is historically accurate and is packed with facts about Renaissance theatre)
  • Learning outcomes focused on the Key Stage 3 English and History curriculums.
  • Handouts to support the game.
  • Resources for extended activities on the topic covered